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Atumma Navigational Market Status Tracking App

Atumma Navigational Market Status Tracking Smart App helps recruiters know when their qualified consultants are in the market for job opportunties

Atumma OTRA For Recruiters

Expand your consultants reach right to your clients. With OTRA you can send one customized link out to your client eliminating the need of sending various emails- therefore maximizing your time. 1 link, 1 profile, 1 touch, 1 share, 1 platform

Atumma TOTA for Self-employed agents

Whether you are self employed as a real estate agent, insurance broker, business owner, physical therapist, trainer...etc first impressions matter.

When potential clients connect with you they'll want to review information about you, your expertise and your accomplishments.

Unfortunately, a business card doesn't cut it! That's why Atumma TOTA was created-revolutionizing the way you market to clients- TOTA one tap customized profile interactive digital business card.

One Stop Shop

For Atumma Navigational and OTRA apps recruiters have the ability to see their consultants market status, references, portfolios, web presence profiles, signed RTR Agreements, all in one app.

With TOTA self-employed agents have the luxury of customizing their own app based on their industry.

Atumma OTRA

Recruiters expand your consultants reach right to your clients: 1 link, 1 profile, 1 touch, 1 share, 1 platform

Atumma TOTA- Your Customized App

Create the Ultimate client experience providing an interactive digital business card that is exclusive for your clients. This means 1 link, 1 profile showcasing your accomplishments on 1 platform that you can send right to your clients. Your app customized the way you want it. A hassle-free link providing your customers with an interactive technology app where regular business cards fail.

We cannot put more hours in your day, however, our goal is to give you back a few...

Atumma is ready. Will you be??

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